Inf@nzia Digitales: guiding the Italian school system towards the future

Smart objects, spaces for sharing and new interactive courses for innovating interactive childhood learning tools.

The Italian school system requires innovation. Inf@nzia Digitales 3.6 aims to renew places and tools for learning, starting from the youngest pre-school children (3-6 years).

Funded by the Ministry of Education, the objective of Inf@nzia Digitales is to renew the school system starting from the origins. The project intends to develop innovative contexts both in terms of methodology (new pedagogical tools) and in terms of technology (smart objects).

Inf@nzia Digitales is based on the theory of embodied and situated cognition, according to which our sensorimotor interaction determines the organisation of neuro-cognitive structures. As Montessori taught, everything that has to do with the psycho-educational sphere is strongly linked to our ability to make and manipulate things and objects, and it is evident that today, unlike the situation only a few years ago, the objects which surround us are much more intelligent, thus opening up educational potential that still has to be discovered.

The scope of the project goes beyond the classroom. Alongside technologies for kindergartens, Inf@nzia Digitales also focuses on cultural heritage and on so-called e-government. In particular, the huge quantity of Italian cultural treasures will be transformed into smart objects which, together with digital platforms created to facilitate the relationship between families and administration in the field of educational services, will complete the transition of our learning towards the future.

Engineering is leader of the project, which will be tested in the field by three local authorities: the city of Rome, the Province of Trento and the Education Office of the Campania Region.