SAFE&SMART: food safety and integrity in food and agriculture processes

The goal of the research project is to transform the problem of safety into an element of competitiveness and development for the agricultural-industrial system.

The SAFE&SMART project is part of the CL.AN (CLuster Agroalimentare Nazionale) activities, in particular in an area that deals with safety in the food and agriculture system: through the development of innovative technologies that intervene in various phases in the process, a more advanced, integrated scenario of systems is created for the prevention of risks and for the rapid diagnosis of chemical and biological contaminants or other unwanted substances.

In addition to transforming the problem of food safety into an opportunity, the goal SAFE&SMART is also to improve other industrial and technological service sectors involved, raising levels significantly along the entire process, thanks to smart prevention and monitoring systems and methods.


The project offers an integrated approach to all the main aspects concerning food safety, from primary production to final use, as it is only possible to optimize and address improvement/corrective/additional interventions on the process efficiently through a global approach, so that it becomes an important statement in national and international trade relations.

From a technological point of view, the platform offers implementation of innovative technologies for service-oriented architectures, web services, Web 2.0 technologies, artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, data mining, automatic text analysis and business analytics.