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5000 genomes
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High Performance Computing and Machine Learning supports genomic research to create personalized healthcare pathways.

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Engineering D.HUB is the technological partner of the new center for genomic and Big Data analysis in the Valle d’Aosta. By integrating with the regional health system, the Center aims at accomplishing early diagnosis and personalized therapies for patients being treated in local hospitals. It also represents the opportunity to create a research center in the valley capable of attracting high potentials, contribute to its growth and improve regional health.
Engineering D.HUB will provide its technological experience in data analysis to process and correlate an enormous amount of information from different sources, to support the development of diagnostic methodologies and customized therapies to improve the quality of life and healthcare services. In particular, in the field of precision medicine it will be possible to study patient’s genomic profile, together with data related to clinical history and lifestyle habits, defining personalized therapies also through Artificial Intelligence solutions.


The project aims to sequence about 5,000 genomes in 5 years on patients suffering from neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative and oncological diseases.
Engineering D.HUB co-finances the project and provides services, hardware and software platforms and its Data Center. In particular, we will be responsible for the creation and management of the High Performance Computing IT infrastructure, which will have to meet relevant computational and performance needs necessary for laboratory's activities. In addition, we will implement an EHR (Electronic Health Record) solution to make the new genetic information of patients in their medical records usable for the diagnostic and treatment of medical facilities.
Collaborating with the latter and with OAVDA and IIT, scientific partners of the project, Engineering D.HUB will support computational development groups that, with Machine Learning and Deep learning algorithms, analyze genomic information in search of variants and characteristics relevant to the healthcare pathways.

The project is financed with PO Funds 2014/2020 (ERDF) by the Autonomous Region of Valle D'Aosta.


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