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5G: The network of the future

5G: The network of the future

5G: the network that will enable numerous innovations, but the complexity of which requires advanced and avant-garde management methods for the underlying cognitive network.

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Among the technologies capable of enabling digital transformation, 5G is certainly one of those for which there are greater expectations. According to the "MIT Technology Review" technology magazine, 5G is a "change of technological paradigm, similar to the transition from typewriter to computer". It will be a very complex system, which requires real-time management of resources based on a hierarchy of complex decision-making techniques that will analyze historical, temporal and frequency network data. Our Research and Development division is preparing to meet this challenge with the coordination of a project called "5G-Media", which exploits 5G performance in the media industry for supporting and managing production, distribution and use of advanced digital content, such as that of virtual and augmented reality.


Our solution uses an innovative management of the cognitive network that involves the use of Machine Learning techniques to develop self-aware, self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-repairing and self-protective systems. A technology which is absolutely necessary for the management of a demanding infrastructure, but still needs further improvements in terms of scalability and flexibility.
The introduction of "cognition" and programmability are necessary for ensuring the flexibility, reliability and automatic reconfiguration necessary to apply 5G to the media sector, but the management of the huge data traffic volumes, with different QoS requirements generated by a huge load of heterogeneous devices is still one of the main challenges of 5G technology.


5G-MEDIA aims to allow interaction between applications related to the media and the underlying 5G network for the development of functions to be implemented on a large scale, based on 3 well-defined use cases in the areas of:
- 1. immersive media and virtual reality;
- 2. intelligent production and user-generated content;
- 3. Ultra High Definition over Content Delivery network.

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