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AFC System for
Milan Metro Line 4

Our team manages the Automatic Fare Collection systems of the new Milan metro.

Approach & Solution



The new driverless metro line 4 of Milan city, also named "Blue" line, will allow the connection between Linate Airport and city centre.

Milan's magnetic and electronic fare collection system for public transport manages four existing metro lines (1, 2, 3 and 5) and represents one of the most integrated, consolidated and advanced fare collection system in Italy.

The scope of the project, started is to monitor, command and manage the powering of AFC systems. Engineering provides twenty years of experience as System Integrator in the field of railway remote control and Project Management.


Engineering team divided the project into 5 phases:
  • Equipment design and manufacturing
  • Hardware Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Software Design and in-house testing
  • Factory Integrated Tests (HW/SW), to test integration within the factory, through station mockups
  • Site Acceptance and Integration Tests, in final site.

The end user, as for the other Milan city metro lines, continues to use the following services:
  • Automatic purchase of tickets and smart-card recharge
  • Agile tariff extension, from inside the station, avoiding leaving the areas controlled by the gates
  • Safe access to the station, only for people with a valid ticket.


40 emergency push-buttons for station evacuation

104 ticket vending machines

414 validators

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