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Controlled environment with the digital PA

Controlled environment with the digital PA

A public digital ecosystem dedicated to the management of environmental data and procedures.

Approach & Solution



In a sector in which competences are divided among different administrations and different offices within the same administration, one of Italy's regions expressed the need to build a complete and single database on environmental issues regarding both authorization procedures and monitoring data, sampling of air, water and soil, contaminated sites, physical agents, nature conservation and energy. The strategic goal was to create a solution for the authorities at the service of territorial governance, simplification for businesses and transparency for citizens.


With regard to this need, we at Engineering built a system for governing relations among the various administrations involved and an effective digital platform that allows both the digitization of administrative procedures and the collection, analysis and georeferentiated navigation of all data.

Thanks to this solution, the Region can offer:
  • Concrete support for the territorial planning of the municipalities (drafting urban development plans and strategic environmental assessments).
  • Exposure of data to the governance systems of the Ministry of the Environment and, through it, to the EU.
  • Access to a reserved area in which each business can access the digitization of environmental permits.
  • Publication on the web, without access restrictions, of different Open Data of the main data sets monitored.


Management of change is the strategic value for the Region that we at Engineering have made possible with the project, insofar as we have made it possible to create synthesis among the different and often conflicting needs of professionals, businesses and public administration.

From an operational point of view, we enabled the Region to:
- Digitize and integrate all processes in the environmental context and all data coming from sensors distributed throughout the region.
- Increase administrative simplification, support for territorial governance and transparency in the management of public policies concerning the environment and landscape protection.

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