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A leading solution in Europe for digital transformation of the public administration in the social security sector.

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Every day INPS deals with millions of citizens for the provision of services that require careful management of data and procedures. An extremely delicate and complex activity, but one for which new technologies can provide great support with digital and innovative solutions.


In particular, under the guidance of the Digital Agenda, digital transformation can certainly revolutionize and streamline work within the PA and throughout the entire nation. We at Engineering are directly involved in this process, providing technologies and skills to support INPS in numerous activities:
  • Creation of solutions for access to services for citizens in "multi-channel" and "self-service" modes, through virtual counters that facilitate the rapid resolution of citizens' files, supporting the management of core INPS processes.
  • Creation of the National Gateway for ESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information), an information system that will facilitate the exchange of information among over 20,000 social security institutions of various European countries, in order to ensure welfare services quickly and securely at European Community level.
  • Creation of a new user experience for users of the INPS website and creation of a new corporate identity, applying Human Centered Design methodologies to simplify the digital interaction between INPS and citizens.


With our solutions we have enabled INPS to:
- Strengthen multi-channel virtual counters and self-service functionalities.
- Improve the time required to manage procedures for users.
- Reduce the number of accesses to physical counters.
- Improve key processes and evolve application architecture, eliminating redundancies and decoupling front-end and back-end processes.
- Qualify the ESSI system with a leadership position at European level.

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