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New apps for road personnel optimize and digitalize activities, ensuring real-time communication with the operation room.

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Proper management of road maintenance and control is of paramount importance for ensuring the safety of travelers. Our client maintains and monitors tens of thousands of kilometers of road and highway network, and is well aware of this.

This is certainly a complex activity and we, as Engineering, have supported the Client by exploiting all the digital skills and technologies that distinguish our company.

In particular, we have developed a number of mobile applications that facilitate the activities of road personnel through their dematerialization and georeferencing and that ensure real-time communication with the operations center.


The four apps we developed support road personnel to:
  • Plan, assign and report routine maintenance activities.
  • Plan and assign relevant activities.
  • Send reports to the Operating Room, freeing personnel from the burden of recording and entering phone reports.
  • Enable geolocalization and real-time monitoring of exceptional transits on the road network. In particular, the app exploits QR-Code system to manage authorizations for special transports, allowing Traffic Police and our client's Supervisors to verify the transit authorizations, payment of which is often evaded by haulers.


Better integration with SAP HCM, PM and Finope systems

Improvement of operational processes

Information are more accurate and punctual

More control over exceptional transport

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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AI & Advanced Analytics

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

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