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AR and Collaborative maintenance: ABS

SPACE1 provides innovative capabilities to enable real-time virtual collaboration between the Operations Center and technicians maintaining plant facilities.

Approach & Solution



As a leading-edge manufacturer of special steel for the Oil & Gas, Automotive & Trucks, Rail and Power Generation markets, ABS – Acciaierie Bertoli Safau stands at the forefront of the international steel industry. The customer wanted to empower its technicians operating inside the plant with a solution to optimize and make their maintenance tasks more efficient. Besides the software component, a hardware compatible with the PPE in use was required, as to enable hands-free and voice-controlled work in noisy environments.


SPACE1 Extended Field Solution is intended as a powerful tool for maintenance technicians to receive remote assistance, harnessing the Head-mounted Tablet “RealWear HTM-1” and innovative Augmented Reality capabilities. Relying solely on their visor, the technicians are guided through procedures and can confirm each completed task. In addition, the Virtual Collaboration features provided enable them to exchange information and receive the support they need to succeed, freeing their hands and ensuring maximum safety.


Reduction of interventions and time spent

Real-time virtual support

Advanced sharing of digital multimedia contents

Remote training and minimization of displacements

Complete compatibility with protection equipment

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AR - MR - VR

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Project Team

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