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Liguria Region:
Accounting standardization

A new accounting information system for complying with new regulations by adapting to existing internal processes.

Approach & Solution



Our experience with the Liguria Region started in 2016 with important regulatory changes dictated by reform of public accounting which, through the process of budget standardization, provides for the creation of a homogeneous accounting system for better coordination of public finance.

These new provisions made the previous legacy software inappropriate for management of the economic resources of the authority and generated the need for a new and flexible solution for the regional administration, able to adapt easily to existing processes; at the same time, it had to be capable of supporting the dissemination of skills on the new themes proposed by standardization (enhanced expertise, provision for doubtful debts, multi-year commitments, economic asset accounting, etc.).


Our Enterprise Resource Planning solution is called SICER and through it we have managed to integrate Financial, Economic Asset and Analytical Accounting according to the needs of the administration.
In particular, we have acted on two critical fronts:
  • From a temporal point of view, ensuring functioning of the system in full compliance with the deadlines set by the accounting calendar and the reduced time available (two months) for the launch of the new system.
  • From the functional and operational point of view, allowing an effective approach to change management through automation of entries in the income statement and balance sheet, starting from the records in financial accounting.


Over 43,000 payment orders issued

About 10,000 invoices sent by suppliers

30,000 commitments have been handled

About 16,000 assessments

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Process performance

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