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Protected identity

Automated account creation on legacy and standard applications and a continuously synchronised access control system. This (and more) allowed us to guarantee the security of an important player in the field of European insurance.

Approach & Solution



When you are one of the largest European insurance firms, identity and access management (IAM) along with identity and governance (IAG) become two of the key priorities in securing both your and your client’s data.

To achieve this objective, a solution is needed that is capable of automating the creation of accounts on both legacy and standard applications and that provides a constantly synchronised access control system based on the latest technologies and able to guarantee secure access to applications throughout Europe. Furthermore, both of these innovations will need to ensure constant alignment with GDPR-based identify governance rules.

Cybertech, our company that specialises in information security, responded to this challenge by dividing the activities involved into sub-phases so as to achieve a faster go-live and reduce any risk. It subsequently provided the company with support to adopt the platform, making users able to use the system autonomously.


To meet the insurance company’s requirements in full, the Cybertech team has supplied the organisation with the most innovative solutions available for access management so as to:
  • create a self-service portal for managing profiles and user passwords
  • ensure the continuous visibility and availability of the access instances, permissions and audit reports supplied
  • allow for the certification, twice a year, of users’ accounts and permissions in order to deliver reliable audit reports to the department concerned.


Handling of 4.5 million PDRs

Reduction of manual activities for the IT department

Full GDPR compliance

Greater security in access management

Automated account management

Project value

Process performance

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