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Digital Assistants for Intensive Care

Digital Assistants for Intensive Care

Advanced technologies to support doctors even in the most sensitive areas for patients' lives.

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Our client, a local public health centre, is entrusted with the health protection of one million inhabitants of a vast territory with 7 hospitals, 5 of which are dedicated to acute patients. Our collaboration with the Region in numerous health projects allowed us to identify this territory as the ideal context for the first use of ICU-Medical Record.


ICU-Medical Record is the innovative software tool we have developed with doctors for doctors, to support them in all clinical and organizational activities in the hospital ward. Thanks to the connection with bedside devices for recording vital parameters, the presence of health repositories (drugs, protocols and best practices) and advanced systems for processing and displaying information, the patient is always kept under control.
Thanks to our technology, doctors and nurses working in high intensity treatment areas now have a real "digital assistant" alongside them in assessing the patient's state of health and choosing the most effective treatment.
ICU-Medical Record constantly monitors the state of the patient, alerting medical staff (even remotely via APP) in the event of an emergency, and "suggesting" the most appropriate information or measures for diagnosis and therapy to the doctor.
A continuous evolution: we are progressively inserting new components into ICU-Medical Record for artificial intelligence which will allow us to predict the patient's "trajectory" (for example: further hospitalizations, related pathologies or critical changes in vital parameters even before their occurrence).


With the support of ICU-Medical Record, the health centre is increasing the quality of health care for patients and the daily work of professionals. The benefits are not only operational: widespread use of this tool enables continuous and structured gathering of large amounts of information, which will then constitute the "data mine" used to improve the quality of treatment and organization.

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