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Automation in the bank of tomorrow

Automation in the
bank of tomorrow

Adopting RPA to automate our Client's processes, enhancing its employees' activities and leading it along the innovation path.

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Our Client is one of the most pioneering Italian banks in terms of Digital Innovation, always in search for new services and products for its clients. It has been among the first national banks to offer e-commerce payments, Internet Banking services and to launch online accounts.

We led our Client along its innovation, digitalization and transformation path, through a project aimed at simplifying existing processes and enhancing employees' activities.

We leveraged RPA technology, we automated a set of "low-value-added" processes, allowing employees to focus on more relevant and satisfying activities.


The project was carried out in two phases:
  • In first place, we carried out an analysis of the existing Business Units and processes, in order to gain evidence of the state of the art. On this basis, we identified improvement areas and defined a set of activities aimed at simplifying and automating processes through RPA.
  • In second place, we deepened our analysis of selected processes, estimating benefits (saving of human resources and time, risk reduction,etc...) and the complexity of the robotic solution.
By collaborating with managers during their daily activities, we managed to collect relevant information to effectively design the automation solution.


Measuring 16 distinct areas

Analysing more than 1.500 processes

150 processes automated

10% reduction in low-value-added activities

Project value

Process performance

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