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In this project, we used RPA to improve the processes of a credit institute (from GNP calculation to census records), reducing timeframes and errors.

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Focusing the team's energies and efforts on high added value activities is one of the goals of every CEO. Today this is possible thanks to the innovation brought about by robotic process automation (RPA) which can replace the human being in standard operating activities.

We collaborated with a leading credit institution on the international market, with tens of thousands of employees, to automate the following processes:
  • Calculation of Gross National Product (GNP) and distribution to operational desks.
  • Census of an individual in the General Register.
  • Calculation and settlement of Passive Coupons.
  • Reconciliation of financial data between Front and Back Office.
  • Verification of reports sent to the Transaction Reporting UK facility.
  • Calculation of fixing prices in Murex software of Fixed Structure Repo deals and those in the short selling mode.
  • Identification, certification and overall onboarding process of customers.


With our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) experts, we have customized and integrated a NICE platform in Group systems, with subsequent configuration of a related monitoring system. A complete digital transformation service, which included the design, release and testing of the processes to be activated on the new platform, as well as general support and maintenance services.


Reduction of time and risks for the management of processes

Enhancement of human resources previously involved in now automated processes

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