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Complexity managed by data automation

We automated the management of correct and complete information on the enormous quantity of products of a multinational home appliances.

Approach & Solution



A world’s leading major home appliance company, with more than 20 billion in annual sales and 60 manufacturing and technology research centers, needed to manage every day the enormous amount of data relating to its products introduced seasonally.

It was necessary to create a system to automate the assignment, management and enrichment of information and digital assets related to products. In fact, once a new product has been recorded into the system, its data is automatically communicated to the websites, catalogs, data sheets and other data tools to which pictures or videos can be automatically attached.


To achieve automation, different activities with different stakeholders have been performed:
  • definition of all the rules, procedures, processes that allow to associate and correctly communicate the information
  • definition of files/applications/dashboards of reference to manage the processes
  • technical implementation and related tests.


Faster and more precise transmission of contents

Easier sharing of contents

Rapid intervention in case of changes

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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