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Process automation and customer profiling

Process automation and customer profiling

Digital transformation offers new opportunities for automatically defining a customer profile and offering tailor-made products and services.

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Knowing customers through customer-generated data is a fundamental activity for companies, especially for banks that manage a heterogeneous customer portfolio. In order to enhance the functioning of commercial networks, customer profiling is necessary for the purpose of proposing customized financial, insurance and credit products. Transforming customer-generated data into information useful for decision making is therefore a demanding challenge for every bank and, in particular, for our client, one of the main Italian cooperative banks, which provides its customers with services able to meet any banking, financial and insurance need.


Thanks to our skills in Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we at Engineering developed the eR4A solution for the bank, through which the institution can automatically profile customers and pursue an innovative consulting approach.

With our business process automation technologies we make it possible to:
  • Transform data received from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into input flows for the calculation engine.
  • Determine the automatic profiling of the client based on the potential wealth possessed, annual savings and the typical objectives of their lifecycle.
  • Calculate the financial, insurance and credit proposal that increases the probability of achieving the client's objectives.
  • Calculate the customer's sustainability index.
  • Generate data for the CRM Customer File with the results of automatic profiling and commercial proposals.


With our eR4A process automation solution we have enabled the bank to:
- Define a new way of interacting with end and potential customers based on an innovative consultancy approach adapted to individual needs.
- Increase and standardize the commercial approach of their sales networks.
- Implement full compliance with the most recent regulations in force (MiFID, IDD and PoG).

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