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With a series of innovative solutions at the service of travelers, we make transportation smart, supporting the monitoring and management of one of our country's largest highway networks.

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One of Europe's most extensive toll highway networks, with thousands of kilometers of network and tens of regions and provinces in Italy served, had the goal of bringing our country closer to Europe's socio-economic center of gravity.

At Engineering, we have been collaborating with this company for years and have supported it in the challenge of ensuring effective territorial articulation and indispensable mobility in the major metropolitan areas of Italy.


Our team is an important point of reference for software development and for analysis activities relating to various application areas of the company. In particular:
  • Travel analysis: which manages the analytical detail of transits, from their acquisition on central systems to their retention and analysis
  • Fraud management: which includes applications that can detect and analyze abnormal and fraudulent behavior
  • Traffic summary: which refers to all processes that produce summaries intended to feed the statistical system of traffic data, generating data on travel, traffic volumes and km traveled
  • Inter-company segment: which manages the traffic accounting cycle
  • Calculation of tolls: calculation of the possible routes on the highway network takes place in this context; toll rates are calculated, produced and distributed.


Traffic statistics are easier and more accurate

Compliance with European anti pollution regulations

Less costs for the end user and concessionaires

Calculation of the fastest and most accurate toll

Project Value

Process performance

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AI & Advanced Analytics  

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