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Company 4.0 runs at full load

Company 4.0
runs at full load

A digital solution for innovative planning of retail goods distribution, with optimal route at full vehicle loads.

Approach & Solution



Our client is a European multinational known all over the world and leader in the production of confectionery products, with a turnover of tens of billions euro and thousands of employees.
In order to optimize its production processes, our customer decided to find a solution that would improve the planning of secondary distribution. It was therefore necessary to define "couriers", that is identify a typical territory for the pick-up/delivery round that would statistically ensure a full load of the vehicle based on the territory of reference (adjacent municipalities). It was also necessary to consider some historical load data: volume, weight, number of pick-ups/deliveries and daily planning of vehicles available, based on the list of real pick-ups/deliveries with any adjustments related to vehicle loads.


With our colleagues from OverIT, an Engineering group company, we developed a solution based on our proprietary Geocall - Transport Optimization platform, fully integrated with the SAP ERP management system and able to provide support in the field for:
  • Simplifying the use of operational information through a computerized planning support solution for pick-ups/deliveries according to currently established steps.
  • Improving and optimizing daily planning over the territory for vehicles handling pick-ups/deliveries.
  • Increasing and boosting productivity with innovative technological functionalities.


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