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The evolution of banks? It all begins with data

We create targeted pricing strategies for banking products by analysing user characteristics and behaviour. With RPA we can help to innovate your business models.

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In a dynamic and highly competitive market, companies must be able to evolve their offering continuously in response to the demand for products and services.
This is the direction we have followed with one of Europe's largest banking groups, with operations in nearly 50 countries, a workforce of more than 50,000, and tens of millions of customers worldwide – was among those that decided to seize the opportunities offered by this strategic challenge.
The institution has thereby moved from a ZERO-FEE business model to a REWARD system, thanks to a revised commercial offering based on a new pricing strategy for banking products and financial services that is configured to fit the consumer’s characteristics and activities.


Drawing on our data analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expertise, our Engineering team developed a solution that allows to:
  • Define commercial policies differentiated by user type.
  • Provide decision-support tools for business and organisational strategies, including simulations and forecast-based verifications for overall pricing control.
  • Uniform and integrated management of its commercial offering including products and terms.
  • Centralised and timely control of pricing (price lists, conventions, price list adjustments, ratio adjustments, etc.).
  • Dynamic price differentiation.

Using our RPA technologies, we have developed a dynamic engine comprising:
  • A system for parameterising products and services.
  • A batch-processing system for the periodic updating of users characteristics and their personalised prices.
  • An online processing system for customer acquisition, post-sales administration, and real-time calculation of applicable commissions.


Less time between the design and implementation of a commercial policy

Uniform and integrated management of the commercial offering

Improved decision-support

Centralised and timely control of pricing

Real-time indications of the progress status of commercial requests

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