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We integrated and enhanced the processes and best practices of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of household appliances.

Approach & Solution



Our client is a world leader in the field of household appliances, capable of combining innovation, reliability and ease-of-use in its products like few others in the industry. This golden trio has enabled the company to reach over 20 billion euros in annual revenues, a leading global market presence and nearly 100,000 employees worldwide.

Our client continues to grow and to integrate new companies and businesses into its expanding international group, with a focus on creating synergies that strengthen its leadership position.
Such an approach, however, requires a careful configuration of the business processes and IT systems of the entire group, so that all the individual components can work together in an integrated manner, despite the large size of the company.

In order to achieve this objective in the EMEA region, the client selected the Engineering team as their strategic digital transformation partner.


The solution with which our experts challenged themselves depended on the alignment of all the business processes for all the group's companies operating in the EMEA region, with the aim of achieving so-called “operational excellence.”
This was achieved through the following activities:
  • Capitalizing on the best practices of the individual companies.
  • The integration of their legal status.
  • Identifying and creating important synergies between the companies.
  • The introduction of new ways of working and training on new processes.
  • The resolution of problems related to the so-called “segregation of duties” (the separation of tasks within the company's processes).
  • Organizational Change Management activities.
  • The redesign of roles and access to the SAP system as well as the automation of various controls.


Synergies between the various companies

Tax and legal compliance

Capitalization on the group’s best practices

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