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Digital Enabler enhances big data value for ANTEL, the biggest telecommunications company in Uruguay.

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ANTEL is Uruguay's government-owned telecommunications company, founded in 1974 as a spin off of the telecommunications division of UTE(Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas), which had the monopoly of landline telephony since 1931.
Today ANTEL is a monopolist too, providing landline and mobile telecommunication as well as internet services to the entire Uruguayan population.
The aim of the company was to develop an IoT solution able to support Parking and Air Quality monitoring in the area close to its headquarters, using advanced Internet Protocol Cameras and advanced air quality sensors.


After extensive scouting of the best IoT solutions available on the market, Antel decided to use our proprietary solution "Digital Enabler", thanks to its use of Open Standards (such as NGSI) and Open APIs .The objective was to test the Digital Enabler using a Proof of Concept, before the extension of the solution to the entire city of Montevideo.
Given the Digital Enabler's high flexibility, the integration of both types of sensors (IP camera and air quality sensors) was achieved with just a few clicks, by using a component of the Digital Enabler called "Device Manager".
Subsequently, all the data generated from the sensors was harmonized through a unified data model and, by using the Data Mash up editor, it was possible to provide in depth views of city parking and air quality to the users depending on their profile and authorization level.


Digital Enabler was leveraged to create three different dashboards:
- Parking monitoring, to visualize in live streaming the indoor parking area and to detect whether the parking slots are free or occupied using an advanced image processing algorithm.
- Environment monitoring, to display current and historical values related to air quality obtained from the measurement of some pollutant, such as: CO, O3, CO2, PM2.5 and PM10.
- The "Control Room", an overall dashboard used to summarise the most relevant data.

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