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Big Data and IoT: tools for Industry 4.0

With the SiMOnA project, manufacturing companies exploit new technologies to enhance production data, preparing to enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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The enabling technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution are today in the midst of an exponential growth: intelligent robots, autonomous drones, Internet of Things, 3D printing, wireless communications, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence.
However, one of the limitations of these technologies is the poor interconnection between devices, sensors and transducers, which does not allow for perfect control of production processes. Therefore, many industrial companies do not yet have adequate Information Technology and Operational Technology infrastructures for Digital Transformation.

The SiMona project is born, therefore, to lead the concept of industrial automation to a higher level, driving the evolution of the traditional manufacturing company towards a real Data Driven Company.


Our focus is on the creation of:
  • Monitoring systems for the production environment.
  • Software infrastructures for the acquisition of data from heterogeneous and distributed sources, as well as their transfer to the cloud to process them in real time.
  • On the definition of a new paradigm of advanced sensorization.

The objective is to create:
  • A structure capable of facilitating the control and real-time monitoring of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) within the factory, using low-power wireless sensors as well as robust communication protocols, characterized by low latency.
  • Solutions for energy saving.
  • Real-time communication modules between human operators and robots.
  • App for wearable devices that already exist or that need to be designed from scratch.

The project is funded with POR FESR 2014-2020 Regione Piemonte funds.


Evolution of industrial processes and better monitoring

Better interconnection of different machines, sensors and devices

Enhancement of data from production

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