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With Big Data Analytics, we have created for Endesa an innovative energy consumption calculation system in compliance with the new Spanish legislation.

Approach & Solution



Endesa, part of the ENEL Group, is the largest electricity company in Spain.
Following new regulations envisaged by Spanish legislation on the billing process for domestic consumption with the use of hourly electricity consumption, the company expressed the need to use a new system for the management of measures that centralizes measurement and consumption calculation operations for all types of meters.
To meet this challenge, the Spanish company relied on us at Engineering: we used our expertise on the emerging and innovative technologies of Cloud and Big Data infrastructures for optimizing management of the large amount of data envisaged by the service.


For our solution we used a distributed architecture based on Cloudera technologies and hosting on Cloud AWS, through which we integrated a management system of mobile devices, consumption measurement systems (meters) and field surveys, CUATRO commercial system and legacy billing systems.

Within these systems, many functionalities, such as:
  • Reception of measurements, technical validation and publication
  • Management of measurement anomalies
  • Calculation and validation of consumption with business rules
  • Sending to billing system
  • Management of complaints from CUATRO
  • General functions / Activities management
  • Process control (Management reporting).
  • Results

    Full compliance with regulatory KPIs

    Continuous detection for the B2B and B2C markets

    Centralized measurement management

    Managing 12 million Points of Delivery in Spain

    Project Value

    Process performance

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    AI & Advanced Analytics  

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