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Participated budget:
new technologies giving a voice to citizens of Bologna

Giving a voice to citizens of Bologna, allowing them to express their community's needs, ideas and proposals in a direct and organized way.

Approach & Solution



Bologna has a long-standing tradition of civic activism and over the past 15 years the city has developed a wide range of initiatives, actions and policies aimed at involving citizens in co-planning activities for the development of the city. The aim is to create a positive impact on the social, economic, cultural and environmental spheres.

The digital transformation of the Municipality of Bologna has been able to further facilitate this participatory process and our company has played a key role in enabling this transition.


Through Municipia, an Engineering Group company, we managed the participatory process related to the definition of the Participated Budget of Bologna's Office of Civic Imagination. We provided the necessary tools for the collaborative design of initiatives among citizens, through neighborhood workshops, or remotely for all those citizens who could not physically go to the meeting locations.
At last, our systems permitted Bologna’s citizens to proceed with the consultation and voting of the proposals included in the Participatory Budget.

In just 8 months of activity, our project delivered remarkable results and has become a genuine tool in the hands of the citizens, who can feel fully involved in the dynamics of their city.


1,500 citizens participated in Neighborhood Laboratories

114 proposals for the Participatory Budget (51 via web)

60,000 online profiles enabled

15,000 citizens voted on the Participatory Budget website

Project value

Process performance

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Project Team

Municipia (Engineering Group)