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BRIDGE: a bridge towards the future

a bridge towards the future

A virtual bridge connects migrants and refugees to local public administrations to facilitate the integration process.

Approach & Solution



Migratory flows are an ever more relevant international phenomenon. It is notoriously more difficult to integrate migrants and refugees into the labor market of their host countries, causing social consequences.

Through BRIDGE we are working to improve the integration process by creating a virtual bridge between migrants/refugees and local public administrations.

Thanks to our solution and its cognitive technology-based decision-making model, public sector bodies will easily be able to understand the needs and skills of migrants and refugees to create training and employment pathways suitable for each of them. In turn, our platform will allow the target groups to easily view the available job vacancies.


Within the project, managed by the Open Public Service Innovation (OPSI) laboratory, we handled the following activities:
  • Technological transfer.
  • Platform integration and development of the connectors with the PAs' legacy IT systems.
  • Developement of a migrant-specific portfolio containing their personal details, skills and needs.
  • Definition of the commercial launch strategy for the solution.

The pilot projects will be carried out in Berlin and the Autonomous Province of Trento, covering three key aspects: training, employment and social integration.
The impact will be measured on the basis of: integration, raising of public awareness and the satisfaction of the migrants involved.

The project has been co-funded by EIT DIGITAL - action line Digital Cities.


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Maximization of employment for migrants

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