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Human Capital: towards a new road

A new digital solution optimises and facilitates the management of one of the key assets for leading enterprises: Human Capital.

Approach & Solution



With more than 6,000 employees and, with a widespread presence throughout Italy, the company we have collaborated with connects Italy through the design, construction and maintenance of roads and motorways, which today cover a distance of over 25,000 km.

Given the large employee base, the use of efficient and cutting-edge tools for the administrative management of Human Resources is crucial to the company’s success.

The project therefore provided for the replacement of systems already in use and the adoption of SAP Human Capital Management. The main aim of the new system was to automate the request entry process relating to holidays, authorisations, travel expenses and reimbursements, so that it is no longer carried out manually by the HR administrative staff, who today are able to concentrate on activities with greater added value.


The project involved the adoption of the following SAP Human Capital Management modules:
  • Organisational Management (OM), for the management of the business organisation
  • Master Data (MD) for the management of employee-related events and data
  • Time Management (TM) for the management of staff absence and presence
  • Payroll (PY) for the production of payslips and documents related to payroll
  • Travel (TRV) for the management of travel requests and expense reports.

Payroll, Management Control and the Accounting Department had been automatically integrated. In addition, the SAP Fiori platform for Human Capital Management was integrated into the solution, for the decentralised management of a number of specific activities relating to staff absence/presence and travel.


Streamlined and more uniform HR administrative procedures.

Less reliance on the use of paper.

Quality of services and optimised processing timeframes.

Improved internal communication and access to information.

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