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Our Client's home automation solutions meet Engineering D.HUB's services, for a Cloud solution that ensures security and reliability of stored data.

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Our Client is part of an international group with over 30,000 employees worldwide and produces devices for energy distribution, communication (door phones, video door-phones), light, audio, climate and security control, for living spaces and more.

Today, our Client plays a leading role in the home automation sector by producing IoT devices that communicate and interact with each other, allowing the end user to remotely control and manage its home, through specific applications.
The large amount of data generated and transmitted through IoT requires safe and reliable cloud infrastructures, and here Engineering comes into play.


The Data Centers managed by Engineering D.HUB, our company for outsourcing and Cloud migration services, host the Client's data, ensuring high logical and physical security. In fact, taking advantage of its multi-cloud and hybrid portfolio, Engineering D.HUB designed a Disaster Recovery solution for our Client's critical systems, based on Microsoft Azure Public Cloud services, meeting its requirements and its Group outsourcing strategy.

The solution is based on a pay-per-use model and allowed the Client to dispose its existing Disaster Recovery infrastructure, hosted in one of its Data Centers, minimizing the resources needed for normal operations and being able to activate additional resources, on demand, only for testing periods or in case of actual disasters.


Highly automated procedures and run books

Disposing the Data Center, DR costs are reduced by 50%

Quantity of resources is adapted to the growth of production environments

Service interruption time in case of disaster is minimized

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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