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Quality Certification 4.0
for production

Our solution guides operators in a simple ad useful way, enabling the accomplishments of all requirements related to certification.

Approach & Solution



A well-known reality in the construction and delivery of mobility solutions, not only produces, but provides maintenance and services, with a strong focus in terms of efficiency, sustainability and connection.

Our DiVE solution guides workers during the screwing operations and keeps track of the torque, meeting the requirements of the Quality service.

The verification phase has also been improved and accelerated by the TeamLeader, who can, through a special feature, check the work previously done and correct errors.


DiVE, our proprietary platform, with the implementation of Foundation, Virtual Plant and Viewer modules, provides a system that guides workers through the work steps in a simple and effective way, reducing time characterized by low added value, thanks to visual procedures that guide operators.

Through Virtual Plant configuration, we collect data from wireless screwdrivers about torque result, storing them into system database. Our platform allows the worker to check the various steps and the TeamLeader, with a password, to correct the KOs automatically detected by the system.


Reducing paper usage

Less low value-added activities

Automatically certifying the machining operations

Resolution of the KOs in an immediate and precise way

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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