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Through our platform online shopping becomes an immersive and omnichannel experience.

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In March 2020, during Covid-19 emergency, our customers suddenly found themselves without the possibility of selling in-store and with the need to divert most of their sales to the online channel.

Many retailers have thought about reducing their physical presence, but at the same time they have understood the importance of keeping in touch with their customers, finding new ways of engagement and retainment, and this has led them to reinvent their storytelling and experiment the use of new technologies.

A year later, this New Normal demonstrated that business processes can be revised not only to get out of this crisis, but also to create new organizational and sales models.


CHAT BOUTIQUE, our solution to bring sales back to the store during reopenings, stems from the challenges observed during the pandemic.

With our solution - consisting of a web app, a streaming system and a high resolution / smartphone camera - integrated with the existing application ecosystem (POS, e-commerce, DAM), the Client Advisor can create sessions of 1to1 / 1toFew Virtual Shopping, recreating a shopping experience for customers that are in their homes that similar to the in-store one.

Customers receive invitations, connect to the session and view the products. The Client Advisor shows the collection and shares information increasing customer perception of product quality and details, leading customers up to their shopping cart and payment.

Integrating CHAT BOUTIQUE with our client's application ecosystems allows to experiment new sales scenarios and add the live experience to the online channel.


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