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Naples' Circumvesuviana railway becomes smart

By adopting innovative technologies and Big Data, we modernised the railway increasing the efficiency and quality of service.

Approach & Solution



Established back in 1890, Naples' Circumvesuviana is a railway network that stretches for about 140 km, distributed over 6 lines and 97 stations. Given that over the decades different technological scenarios had stratified in terms of the infrastructure, the aim was to simplify and standardise the system, according to the new needs for Smart Transportation.

Relying on our experts, we used the latest technologies to implement a centralised management model, capable of integrating information and assets. This approach made it possible to maximise the efficiency of the railway structure, offering to more than 20 million users of the Circumvesuviana a better quality, more efficient and highly agile service, with a significant reduction in costs.


94 automation panels were designed, assembled and installed along the line for data acquisition and actuator control.
The installation of the new system was carried out by managing the different interfaces and planning the migration without any service breakdowns to users.
The project also involved the supply of systems with the consequent installation of switchboards, rack servers, cables, their interlacing and the commissioning along the entire line.


Reduction of maintenance costs

Increase in reliability

Increase in the service quality

Reduction of timeframes for detecting anomalies/faults and their resolution

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Project team

Engineering Transport & Infrastructures Business Unit