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Augmented City

A city as-a-platform

An Augmented City that makes its data available to public and private operators to create a digital ecosystem of applications and services.

Approach & Solution

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Digitalisation and the growing demand for digital services are changing the way citizens use public services and the way that value is co-created between public organisations, companies, citizens and other partners. For cities, this means shifting the current centralised planning model towards a more open and collaborative one that brings together citizens and businesses.

To implement this digital transformation, cities need to set up and provide a platform to enable the improvement and optimisation of existing digital services and to encourage the planning and creation of new services.

The city thus becomes the centre of a thriving, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial digital ecosystem.


The City as a Platform (CaaP) of services is the most advanced stage of the smart city evolution model, and is divided into 4 phases:
  • Vertical Phase: greater efficiency is promoted in the various urban services at sectoral and vertical levels (water management, waste management, mobility, etc.).
  • Connection Phase: once its services have been digitised, the city must interconnect the entire local network to implement integrated planning with forecasting functions.
  • Horizontal Phase: thanks to a platform that integrates the different vertical services, the city as a platform allows a holistic view of these services, thus allowing them to be interpreted in an integrated manner.
  • Ecosystem Phase: managers provide citizens with an urban platform where all players in the ecosystem can participate in collaborative solutions based on a platform of digital services. This platform is an enabler of new business models.


Provision of innovative services

Synergies between different players, expanding the offer

Improvement of the lives of citizens

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Cost cutting

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