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Municipality of Milan:
Digitalization of documents and processes

Leveraging the Auriga platform, we have digitalized and optimized Municipality of Milan's document management processes and administrative procedures.

Approach & Solution



In line with the profound digital innovation that has characterized the Public Administration in recent years, the Municipality of Milan has started the digitalization of document management and administrative procedures, in compliance with the legal provisions in force.

The process of digitalization of the Public Administration also involves the design of applications capable of computerizing or re-engineering different aspects of administrative activities: from document management to partial or complete automation of the processes through which these are produced or acquired.
To this end, we collaborated with the Municipality of Milan to implement Auriga, our proprietary solution for document management.


After analysing activities and needs of the various Departments of the Municipality of Milan, we proposed new scenarios which take into account the standardization of internal processes in full compliance with the current legislation.

In particular, we worked on these areas of activity:
  • Protocol of the Municipality's incoming and outcoming administrative documentation, including certified e-mails
  • Documents about executive decisions, self-defense documents, CED (difficult economic conditions) modules as well as all the documents related to Municipality expenditures carried out by managers
  • The sending of the sanctioning reports via certified e-mail.


Sharing of the same document among multiple users simultaneously

Physical space saving

Centralization of archives

Traceability and transparency of processes

Dematerialization of paper archives

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

Robotic Process Automation

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies


Project Team

Municipia (Engineering Group)