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A custom-made product configurator

We supported a key player of the European Utility market in the implementation of a technical configurator to manage the product catalogue and commercial proposals.

Approach & Solution



We have supported a well-known Italian power manufacturer and supplier in the creation of an offer configurator that relates information about services and products from many sources, ensuring consistency between the sales and billing rules.

The objectives of the project were to:
  • centralize, simplify and speed up the process of managing the product catalog;
  • have a set of integrated, ergonomic and effective tools for the guided creation of the offer;
  • reduce TCO and costs of commercial campaigns.


We met the company's needs by developing a solution based on the Net@ platform and on digital technologies, named Marketing Modular Building Blocks - (MB) ^ 2.
Indeed, by applying the Design-Thinking paradigm, we have created a product and service configurator, which uses the mapping between products and price lists with a Modular Blocks modality and with the possibility of carrying out the ex-ante simulation of the economic conditions of the invoice.


Optimized billing verification times and costs

Reduction in the overall time to market

Easier Portfolio understanding

Improved user experience

Limited interventions in the ICT field

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics  

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