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Consultancy for the digital factory: MES Upgrading

Consultancy for the digital factory: MES Upgrading

Analysis and support for innovatively overhauling production processes in view of the implementation of the new Manufacturing Execution System.

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Our client is a North European pharmaceutical multinational that develops and manufactures drugs for third parties.

It is part of one of the biggest groups in the world, which works on scientific research and related products, with more than tens of billions of dollars in revenues and nearly 80000 employees worldwide.

In 2018 our client began a process of analysis of production processes, with a view to updating its Rockwell MES (Manufacturing Execution System: software system that manages work orders).

Our experts supported verification and adaptation of processes in view of the new solution that will be released starting from the second quarter of 2019.


Our team was chosen as a consulting partner able to mediate among the business stakeholders, the technological solution vendor (Rockwell) and the group's IT, with the aim of supporting the various structures in defining a Business Blue Print document (detailed functional technical analysis) that will be used as a reference in the introduction and upgrade of the MES system to the new PharmaSuite version.

The goals of the project shared by the customer are:
1. As Is Analysis, to detail the current situation in terms of systems, functionality and flows, with collection of critical issues and points of improvement for the current process.
2. To Be Definition, with remapping of functionalities and flows among the various systems and design of the improvements that may have emerged
3. Definition of the Model and implementation strategy, including data migration and validation activities, in order to define the project budget.
4. Business Blueprint drafting


The intervention road map was successfully defined; in addition, fine-tuning plans of the solution were verified in line with change management activities of the internal resources that will participate in implementation of the new operational tool.

Thanks to the results achieved, the customer has chosen to introduce innovation also on other fronts, again through our team of experts.

Next step: warehouse automation.

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