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coordinating the energy market using Blockchain

A research project to coordinate and optimize energy transactions between "prosumers" and energy market operators, via Blockchain.

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The European energy system is experiencing a great and profound change, which sees a gradual shift from conventional sources of energy, towards distributed production of renewable energy (eg solar, wind, water, etc.). While in the first case the system follows a centralized scheme, in which energy reaches citizens and organizations thanks to TSO (Transmission System Operators) and then to DSO (Distributed System Operators), in the second case, meant to be the prevailing one, users assume a role of active participants, both in the production and efficient consumption of energy as well as in Demand Response activities.

These changes can therefore affect the roles of TSOs and DSOs and the nature of their interaction, but this situation can open up new horizons and new opportunities. CoordiNet was born for this reason: to encourage coordination between DSOs, TSOs and end users connected to the network.


CoordiNet will contribute to the creation of scalable tools and methodologies to safely connect, manage and coordinate a Smart Energy system, which includes various network operators and third parties. In particular, CoordiNet will develop a platform for cooperation between TSO, DSO and consumers, which relies on Blockchain technology to guarantee that energy transactions between parties can take place in a transparent, traceable and immutable way.

Engineering, in particular, will provide a blockchain-based peer-to-peer marketplace that facilitates the participation of small-scale contributors in the energy network, so that they can bring power, energy capacity and flexibility to the system.

The resulting tools will be tested and validated in three large-scale pilots in Spain, Greece and Sweden. The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 824414.


Promoting a more economic and eco-friendly approach

New revenue streams for network participants

Greater market transparency

Greater flexibility of the network

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