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CUP Piemonte: data for an increasingly efficient and accessible health service

With our technologies and expertise, we support CUP in the management of more than 40,000 requests and 12,000 operators every day.

Approach & Solution

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Access to health services is one of the fundamental rights of every citizen and the Centro Unico di Prenotazioni (Single Booking Center), or CUP, is known to be the main "gateway" to this.

Today, CUP services are evolving on several fronts. Healthcare is increasingly a network of skills and specialisations spread across an entire territory, with resources that must be optimised in terms of time and services that are increasingly "close" - in ways, places and times - to the needs and preferences of each patient.

CUP serves one of Italy's largest and most populous regions (Piedmont) with a wide and varied range of healthcare services. The service must therefore satisfy more than 40,000 commitments handled daily (bookings, rebookings, cancellations) as well as the more than 12,000 operators configured and active on the system.


The project entails the construction of an integrated solution consisting of an application platform based on our AREAS platform, a technological infrastructure, a call centre service and specialist services including those for business continuity and advanced reporting based on Knowage, our Open Source Suite for modern analytics and business intelligence capabilities. Here at Engineering, as part of the consortium that carried out the project, we used the best technologies and solutions from the earliest stages of design to ensure maximum continuity and operational efficiency and the best access-use experience for citizens and operators.

The CUP is configured as a single front-end for the management and integration of all activities relating to requests for services (bookings/changes, recalls, agenda management, pricing, management of regional and national information flows, etc.). In addition to the call center service, the multi-channel approach includes a series of alternative booking channels such as an app, the regional portal, totems and a specific portal for local pharmacies.


Simplification of bookings for health services

40,000+ requests managed every day

12,000+ operatives active on the system

Optimisation of regional health resources

Operational continuity of a central service for citizens

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI Advanced Analytics

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies


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