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Consent-based Personal Data Suite

Safe and
GDPR compliant data

A digital solution that enables the management of personal data in compliance with GDPR rules and makes users aware of such use, leveraging Blockchain technology.

Approach & Solution



The GDPR or General Regulation on Data Protection was introduced to strengthen and harmonise the protection of citizens’ personal data. The regulation has consequently brought with it several changes in the data processing area, changes that affect the way every company collected, stored and transmitted personal and sensitive data, whether of European or other citizens. The GDPR therefore represents a revolution in the way of protecting data, the "fuel" of the current business world.

Because companies have needed and will continue to need reliable tools for dealing with this change, at Engineering we are responding to the requirements with state-of-the-art solutions.


The solution we propose is “CaPe – Consent-based Personal Data Suite”, a consent-based and user-centric platform addressed to the public administration sector. It allows citizens and companies to manage and track personal data in full compliance with the GDPR.

CaPe framework includes:
  • Tools for data auditing and tracking
  • Data connectors, to integrate data from different sources
  • The CaPe data dashboard, to improve the visualization of information
  • Browser plug-ins, allowing data subject to easily manage and track their data and to verify the consents they provided, while Data Processors can fulfil GDPR requirements in terms of data minimisation, the right to be forgotten and data portability
  • The combination of two proprietary assets, "CaPe" and "Value-Chain", to integrate Blockchain Technology. It allows to automatize the "notarization" of consent, improving the transparency of data management.


New Business Models based on Data Monetization and compliant with the GDPR

Greater awareness for data owners

Reliable and secure tool for Data Processors

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CaPe – Consent based Personal Data Suite

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