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Smart Agriculture

DEMETER: data take the field for Smart Agriculture

Building an innovative, interoperable platforms, based on IoT and Big Data, to support sustainable farming and food production systems.

Approach & Solution



In the current European farming context still misses a common repository where to store data coming from equipment and production systems, generated by sensors and IoT devices.

Players working in this field already use their own proprietary data spaces, leveraging data for decision making, for quality control, production chain monitoring. However, these solutions are not interoperable, forcing users to adopt a multitude of different systems, data models and user interfaces in order to access the information they need.
Indeed, DEMETER project aims at accelerating the diffusion of Smart Agricultural solutions based on data and which can support decision making activities and monitoring.
For this reason, beneficiaries are not only farmers but also service advisors and ICT providers.


To support the Agricultural field, improving its sustainability, DEMETER:
  • Adopts a human-in-the-loop model that mixes human knowledge and expertise with digital information
  • Focuses on interoperability as the Digital Enabler does
  • Implements different technologies: IoT, Earth Observation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.

DEMETER solution will be demonstrated through 20 pilots deployed in more than 5700 farms across Europe, covering a wide spectrum of sub-sectors: arable crops, irrigated crops, fruit production, livestock. In particular, through a pilot in the milk value chain, we are implementing a Decision Support System to provide farmers with an integrated vision of animal welfare and suggest corrective actions. Moreover we implemented a blockchain based traceability system which collects data across the supply chain, starting from production up to final product labelling. Blockchain technology permits to improve the quality metrics reliability.

Engineering is the Technical Coordinator of the project, involving 60 partner organizations.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 720714


Easier adoption of new technologies

Full control of their rights on the data they generate

Better evaluation of investments

Better exploitation of existing resources (platforms, machineries)

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