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Our App automates the reporting of activities for the employees of a leading European rail transport company.

Approach & Solution



Managing one of the largest rail operators in Europe, which includes tens of thousands of kilometres of railway lines and thousands of tunnels and stations, requires a very large pool of employees with different skills, to guarantee the continuity, security and reliability of the service.

The aim of one of the largest players in the railway sector is to optimize the management of its 25,000 resources belonging to various units (technical, administrative, on-board personnel etc.) and for this reason it asked for Engineering support.

Among the company's objective were to optimize the management of the workforce, facilitating the repetitive process of logging employee working hours and to allow the employee to focus on activities with greater added value.


The customized solution is based on the SAP Timesheet App and it is integrated with the HR management systems.

The App allows individual employees to be autonomous in logging both activities carried out and hours worked, thereby relieving the administrative offices of this burden.

The solution allows to automate the entry of information through the integration with existing company databases, improving the agility of the reporting process.


Less workload for the administration

Reduction in the use of paper and its transport

Fewer manual data entry errors

Automation of manual processes

Project value

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