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Digital Enabler for Smart Cities

Digital Enabler for Smart Cities

Our proprietary solution leverages new technologies to evolve the way big cities use big data

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SELECT for Cities is a European project that aims to develop an open, standardized, data-driven, service-oriented and user-centric platform for European cities, with the common challenge to develop “cities as large-scale Internet of Everything labs”.
Thus, cities are working to identify new technologies, to enable large-scale co-creation, to test and validate urban Internet of Everything applications and services.


The European project envisaged a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process of technologies and solutions and our proprietary solution "Digital Enabler"- in particular, its city oriented customization (City Enabler)- is one of the three winning candidates that will participate to the final phase of the this procurement process.

Its functionalities and components can be summarised as follows:
  • Data Source Discovery Engine: finds potential data sources available on the web.
  • Device Manager: allows to register and manage IoT devices with different protocols: HTTP, CoAP, MQTT,etc.
  • City Data Work Space: stores and manages data from different sources.
  • Data mash up Editor: allows to harmonize data regardless to their sources.
  • Open Innovation Area: allows cities stakeholders to interact through co-creation processes.
  • APIs Portal: allows the interaction with the Digital Enabler platform via Open API.
  • Dashboard Manager and Presenter: allows the design and creation of reusable dashboards useful to visualize, correlate and analyze data supporting the decision-making process.
  • Citizen Data Vault: allows to manage personal data in compliance with EU GDPR.
  • Mock-up Editor: allows fast prototyping and APP deployment.


Our cloud platform named "Digital Enabler" is the main outcome of the project.

It has been used in the following cities:
• Antwerp - Managing urban traffic congestion.
• Copenhagen - Integrating IoT sensor networks to combine real-time mobility and air quality data with the aim to produce reliable insights for city planners and citizens.
• Helsinki - Environmental Monitoring in the new smart district of Jätkäsaari, with the aim to increase the degree of innovation, to enable stakeholders through data collection and to develop a variety of completely new data-driven services for citizens.

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