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With SAP we have migrated and integrated the system processes of a large household appliance company.

Approach & Solution



After being acquired by a world’s leading home appliance company, a major company in the same sector started the harmonisation process of all its systems. The need was to migrate from the acquired company's SAP Warehouse Management to the parent company's SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

Using the SAP EWM module, Engineering integrated the processes of the 6 most strategic finished goods warehouses (for a total of 500 users, in some cases with 24/7 operations).


Engineering integrated together the 3 ERP systems to perform the following activities:
  • Full Receiving, Internal Transfer and Picking/Loading
  • Serial Number Management
  • Strict control during loading
  • Wave Management with strong integration with the Shipment
  • Resource Execution Constraints
  • Work Order with sophisticated routing rules
  • special rules for the Inbound Process.


Finished Goods traceability and Serial Number management

Real-time alignment with 3 ERP systems

Well planned trucks check-in/out and loading

Rapid conversion of custom developments

Project value

Process performance

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