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Digital Twin: simulate to prevent.

GSK and Digital Twin:
simulate to prevent

Virtually simulating the production process of vaccines and studying their behavior to manage uncertainties and critical issues.

Approach & Solution



GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a global leader in the production of influenza vaccines. A worthy role which, as such, which calls for responsibility towards the whole of society, since it must necessarily ensure that the products meet the quantitative and qualitative requirements that are imperative for the population.

The production of influenza vaccines is a long and complex biological process that begins with the selection and isolation of the viral strain in the laboratory and, after numerous steps, ends with the packaging stage.
The most demanding challenge concerns the management of uncertainty due to critical phenomena such as epidemics, which require the production of many doses in the shortest possible time, as well as unpredictable scenarios and events. Each phase is subject to rigorous quality controls that must consider variable outcomes and scenarios for better coping with related uncertainty.


We at Engineering have had the distinction of supporting GSK in planning this process. Through the use of a Digital Twin we virtualized the entire production process that simulates the vaccines production line through a digital representation obtained using an intuitive graphic interface.
An extremely reliable process thanks to inclusion in the model of the many variables, sources of uncertainty, that can influence the production process. Through our Digital Twin, we provided GSK managers with a reliable decision-making digital assistant.


Providing relevant information about the production

Preparing emergency plans for facing potential issues

Reducing uncertainty through scenario analysis

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