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Court of Auditors:
digitalizing justice

The Italian Court of Auditors embraces digital transformation, innovating the Magistrate's desk and the lawyer's Dossier.

Approach & Solution



Driven by legislative developments (certified electronic mail and electronic documentation) and by the need to adapt their systems to "best of breed" technologies, the Italian Court of Auditors has invested in major digital transformation of its core processes and supporting systems.
The guidelines with which we accompanied these developments concerned:
  • Business process re-engineering of all criminal and accounting justice processes.
  • Implementation of applications that adopt the API-based, cloud-native microservices paradigm hosted on the public cloud and with a focus on mobile-first user experience.
  • Use of new development models such as Agile and DevOPS.


For the re-engineering of processes we did not limit ourselves to simply gathering and designing in compliance with the law, but we worked in SCRUM mode to report the new processes designed as an information system. In this way, we ensured that Court of Auditors could achieve both complete electronic management and substitute conservation of the entire document flow and improve access to digitalized processes.

The goal we achieved was that of implementing an entire digital process, allowing the various types of users of the Court of Auditors - such as administrative staff, magistrates and prosecutors - to prepare documentation and communications related to judgments presented to official judiciary bodies, starting from the preparatory stage up to the monitoring of the judgement enforcement.


Improvement of the notification system

More efficient exchange of information among different areas

Easier access to procedural information through mobile tools

Quick consultation of the case dossier by lawyers

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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AI & Advanced Analytics

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