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Digital Navy: Echo System

An innovative decision-making system for the classification of offshore targets: this is how we support the Submarine Flotilla Command.

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It is commonly known that the military sector always uses cutting-edge technologies and solutions to ensure the safety of its citizens and its resources.

At Engineering, we support the development of these innovations, positioning ourselves as a reference partner for the defense of our state. One example of this commitment is the "Echo System" project, carried out in collaboration with the Navy's Submarine Flotilla Command.


Echo System is an innovative decision-making platform for the classification of offshore targets, achieved by analyzing the acoustic signals picked up by sonar sensors.

The acquisition of acoustic signals performed in a submarine environment is subject to different elements of disturbance. The classification of targets performed using their acoustic emissions, acquired using sonar sensors, is therefore very complex and influenced by a large number of factors of distortion.

Echo System aims to overcome the current limits of analysis of acoustic traces acquired in the marine environment, exploiting the potential of mathematical models and complex algorithms such as neural networks and random forest algorithms.


Greater effectiveness in the analysis of underwater acoustic waves

TRL6: technology demonstrated in relevant environment

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