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A research project for blockchain-based demand management to better coordinate energy demand and supply from heterogeneous and renewable third-party sources.

Approach & Solution



Considering electric power distribution process, particularly if it comes from renewable sources, the management and balancing of energy peaks in supply and demand is of fundamental importance, to ensure balanced and continuous provisioning, regardless of sources intermittence.

A smart and automated Demand Response (DR) solution can provide electricity Distribution System Operators (DSOs), in a cost-effective way, the necessary flexibility for integrating larger shares of intermittent Renewable Energy Sources, while not compromising the security of supply and network reliability and avoiding additional reinforcements of the existing grid.

However, Demand Response potential has been exploited to a very limited extent due to various technological, regulatory, economic barriers. Challenges for the eDREAM research project.


The solution is eDREAM, a research project coordinated by Engineering, aimed at creating an innovative framework, which will allow the managers of the electricity distribution systems (DSO) to employ different balanced external energy sources. The key is to use a scalable, secure, optimized and blockchain-based demand response software.

In detail:
  • The Demand Response software includes early detection of flexibility potential through the combination of aerial, LIDAR and thermal imaging from drones. In addition, it profiles and segments end users using Big Data analysis and visualization.
  • The Distributed Ledger Technology ensures safe data handling, market-based microgrid control and near real time Demand Response verification, improving the traceability of fair transactions.

The project will be validated in Greece, in UK and Italy, on pilot projects in the field and in the laboratory.
The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 774478


Balanced management of demand and supply peaks

More reliable and secure electric power distribution

Safe and optimal management of Big Data

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