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Blockchain and Energy

Blockchain and Energy

Blockchain at the service of ENEGAN, optimizing the use and exchange of energy.

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Through the use of new technologies, companies operating in traditional sectors can identify new development opportunities and innovate their business models.
Enegan, our client, is one of the main electricity and gas suppliers in Italy, is focused mainly on the electric mobility sector and has always been committed to reducing waste by promoting eco-sustainable behavior.
Thanks to our expertise in the field of green energy and blockchain, we enabled our customer to innovate its "green" connotation, by leveraging a solution, used to optimize the use and exchange of energy.


The solution consists of an "Energy Bank", a system of blockchain transactions that allow private users of the energy network to optimize the production, accumulation, use and exchange of energy from renewable sources.
By leveraging blockchain technologies, we are able to ensure effective accounting of the flows between those who make energy available and those who use it, as well as obtaining a series of reliable items of information from the nodes that make up this extensive intelligent network.
With the solution created, we also enable the marketing of so-called "white certificates" which certify the energy savings achieved by various parties and that are directly recorded in the final customers' accounts.


With our solution we have enabled the client to:
- Improve the quality of available data.
- Increase the accuracy of energy needs forecasting in order to optimize energy supplies on the "Day-ahead Market".
- Improve Customer retention by guaranteeing optimal use of energy.
- Extend the current range of products for charging electric vehicles, using vehicle-to-grid charging stations.
- Adapt to the Dispatching Services Market reform requirements, to allow for a future key role in the context of energy "distributed generation".

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