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Blockchain and Energy

Blockchain and Energy

Through the "Energy Bank" we bring Blockchain to ENEGAN, optimizing the exchange of 100% green energy and respecting the environment.

Approach & Solution



Safeguarding the planet: this is Enegan's first objective, among the major electricity and gas traders in Italy, supplying 100% green energy.

Enegan promotes a new way of conceiving the electricity supply service, allowing the individual user to adopt a sustainable behavior, for the benefit of the community and the environment.

Using our skills in the green energy and Blockchain fields, we created the "Energy Bank", a solution that brings economic savings for the user, making his home more efficient, and that rewards the actions of individuals in respect of the environment in which we all live.


By leveraging Blockchain technologies, the "Energy Bank" is capable of managing and recording "Smart Contracts" related to energy transactions, monitoring CO2 emissions.
In this way, we enable Enegan to effectively account for all the flows between those who make energy available and those who use it, as well as obtaining a series of reliable information from the nodes of the network.

The solution is based on a platform that today Enegan leverages as a unique tool to manage these transactions, since it optimizes the exchanges of energy from renewable sources and guarantees further services related to payments.

Our Client's thoughts

" The Energy bank creates for its members a portfolio for managing transactions, which includes a number of payment services. The system was developed in partnership with Engineering and it represents the unique certification tool for these events.
Why Engineering? Because it means certainty, reliability and innovation. "

Maurizio Castagna, Enegan Research & Development Manager


Extended range of products: vehicle-to-grid charging stations

Improved quality of available data

Precise forecasting of energy needs

Optimal use of energy

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Cost cutting

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