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Enel inspectors throughout the world wear smartglasses to perform remote inspections and testing.

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The Enel Group’s energy distribution companies manage over 73 million users globally.
Every year, those companies’ components and materials quality units perform around 11,000 monitoring checks on materials and components used to manage distribution networks at more than 700 establishments worldwide.

The components requiring inspection comprise both high-voltage and low-voltage materials, including “traditional” items such as cables, transformers and switches,“structural” elements like pylons and poles, next-generation “electronic” components for the remote control and automation of networks, and – equally importantly – personal protection equipment and devices.


"AR Quality Check" is the OverIT solution developed on the SPACE1 virtual collaboration platform that allows inspectors to perform their activities remotely using tablets and smart glasses.

By exploiting the potential of virtual collaboration and AR, the application allows inspectors to conduct checks remotely while deploying a range of skills and to carry out centralised monitoring procedures for the various types of materials involved. In this way the inspectors’ work can be harmonised.
Furthermore, operating instructions guide the user step by step through the test phases, supplying the necessary documentation.


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