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Electricity takes to the cloud

Our digital systems migrate to the cloud and optimize the Human Capital Management of one of the largest electricity operators in Europe.

Approach & Solution



One of the largest groups in Europe in terms of turnover and with more than 60 thousand employees worldwide needs careful management of human capital, exploiting digital tools capable of providing significant support.

In fact, our client is deeply committed to technological adaptation of its application and infrastructural assets and, for this reason, we at Engineering helped it in an important Digital Transformation project.


We supported our client in achieving these goals:
  • Migrating all Global HCM (Human Capital Management) environments to Cloud (first the Global and then the Local).
  • Performing an upgrade of SAP ECC systems and a database migration from Oracle to SAP Hana.
  • For the PI Portal, migration of the Database from Oracle to ASE.
  • An increase in the level of Netweaver.

The modules involved were: Master Data, Organization Management, Global Travel, Health & Safety and Job Posting.

All this was accomplished thanks to a temporary joint venture between Engineering (Agent) and Leonardo and Everis Italia (Principals).


Standardised systems in the various countries

Less time to execute standard transactions

Improved performance of all connected systems

Project value


Enabling Technologies


Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

Hana - ASE Migration Upgrade

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