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Engineering develops its own Digital Workplace

New digital platforms facilitate communication and in-house collaboration of our company for creating a Digital Workplace operating on cloud.

Approach & Solution



Engineering D.HUB is an Engineering company specialized in the management of data centers and IT infrastructures, development and integration of platforms for digital services, and outsourcing services. D.HUB is a valid partner for Digital Transformation, not only for its 330 customers all over the world but also for our entire group, for which it has provided skills and knowledge in a "workplace transformation" project.


An important challenge: the project called for transition to the Microsoft Office365 platform for innovating new in-house collaboration systems with a total migration of the messaging service and simultaneous activation of OneDrive, Sharepoint online, Yammer and Skype for Business services. The transition was made possible through a well-defined change management and "awareness" plan for facilitating the adoption of new services throughout our large company. Furthermore, the continuous monitoring of all KPIs on user adoption and satisfaction enables our experts to continuously improve the service offered to their colleagues.


Higher user satisfaction

Higher accesibility to communication / productivity tools

32% of users adopt Skype, bringing strong reductions of travel costs

52% of users work with mobile devices, increasing the efficiency of job activities

15% of employees use virtual work groups

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

Microsoft Office 365

Project Team

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