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New digital platforms facilitate communication and in-house collaboration of our company for creating a Digital Workplace operating on cloud.

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Increasing efficiency, optimizing processes and sharing experiences to carry out safe and agile activities, anywhere: in the office, during a business trip, at home. These objectives have been achieved by Engineering in the last three years thanks to an important hardware and software technology refresh, aimed at equipping our professionals with new digital tools capable of redesigning time and space of work.

Thanks to the adoption of the Office 365, driven by Engineering D.HUB a Group’ company specialized in the management of data centers and IT infrastructures suite, we have created a new and stimulating Digital Workplace, which has significantly transformed the way more than 11,000 professionals work in more than 60 locations worldwide.


The adoption of the new Cloud solutions has been supported and coordinated through a Change Management and employee training plan that relied on interactive videos, online training and dedicated communications, with constant monitoring of KPIs pertaining to adoption and customer satisfaction, in order to be able to intervene in a timely and agile manner in the event of critical issues.

This digital transformation process has optimised processing times and made our processes more efficient: Benefits that were immediately well-received by our employees. Already during the first 6 months, 46% of our employee base started attending online meetings, reducing travel times and costs, and 30% of the working groups collaborate online on an ongoing basis using Teams and SharePoint, thus helping improve the exchange of information and productivity. Today, thanks to the ability to access one’s Office 365 account from a practically infinite number of devices, about 25% of our professionals carry out their jobs in Smart Working: a percentage that, in cases of emergency, such as Covid-19, can increase up to 60%.


Higher user satisfaction

Higher accesibility to communication / productivity tools

Increase of remote collaboration with reduction of travel

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