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Revenue: faster and more effective communication with citizens

Automatic sorting of incoming communications of the taxpayer by scope of processing required.

Approach & Solution



The aim of the project is to create an "artificial intelligence" tool capable of automatically cataloguing the citizens' requests, assigning them a scope and consequently conveying them immediately to the group dedicated to that specific process.

We collaborate with the Municipality of Bologna for the management of revenue collection. As part of this project we are required to manage, in all its forms, back and front office activities with or taxpayers who turn to the municipality for information following the receipt of administrative acts issued by us on behalf of the Municipality.

This contract was awarded to an RTI, of which Municipia is Mandatory, following the award of a tender.


The advantage is therefore double: greater speed in processing citizens' requests and saving effort of resources that can be dedicated to other activities.

This result was obtained thanks to an "intelligent system" able to recognize, after an initial training, incoming communications by analyzing the forms that the taxpayer transmits.

After the installation of this system, it was also updated (in particular with regard to the new forms or its updating) so that it maintained its effectiveness.


Greater customer satisfaction

Faster response to taxpayers

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